Happy Friday

I don’t know about y’all, but boy I’m glad the weekend is here! My calendar is clear and the only thing I plan on doing is binge watching some shows and movies. Because I need to recover from this hectic week, Netflix is in order. Maybe some reading too.

This week was totally different for me for a few reasons.

My job trained us last minute to learn about new products so that we can make more money, yasss! Because of the training, our schedules were changed last minute for us to come in at 8am. I usually work at 10am, so 8am is extremely hard for me to go back to but at least today is the last day.

Then I went to a networking event with Nestor and we met some interesting people. It was out of my normal routine, but I feel like it’s always good to network with people. When I introduced Nestor to this one lady, I accidentally called him my friend. Then I caught myself and switched it to “boyfriend”. It’s gonna take some getting used to because I haven’t used that word in SO LONG.

It’s also an adjustment for him, but it’s not a bad problem to have.

On my day off the other day, I went to my storage to get some more winter clothes like scarves and boots. I hate having my things in storage, but I know that in a few months I will be able to move out of there and start fresh in a new house. I can’t go back to apartments anymore because I’ve gotten used to living in houses and I like the privacy anyway.

I’m excited though that sometime next year I will be all moved out of my parents house, God willing.

I haven’t posted my nails as of late so here they are. I was in the mood for a dark fall red gel color and I love how it goes with everything. 

Now that I’m in a relationship, it’s become a juggling act with spending time with my boo and also do the things I need to do in my own life. It’s a different path, but I love it and will figure it out as I go along.

I just can’t stop smiling and I guess you could say we’re in that honeymoon stage. Loooooove it!

What about you loves? Any plans this weekend? Anyone else binge watching anything? Suggestions are welcomed. Have a great weekend!