Happy Friday

Lately I’ve been posting things that made me happy or highlights of the week so today is one of those days. This was last week’s and the week before.

Saved Money

I’ve been using Trim to help me save money and they saved me $30 on my Sprint bill this month. I just submitted my bill to them and they did the rest. They also saved me $10 on my cable bill. I pay them a small fee but it’s worth it. Have y’all tried them? Highly recommend.

Great Talks

I had a great talk with my read dad on the phone. We normally don’t talk that long, but just check in. But this call was different. We talked about the past and he made me laugh a few times. It made me so happy that he’s alright. He’s turning 70 this year (next week actually). I also had a great talk with one of my good friends and it was nice catching up with her.

Cold Front This Weekend

I’m thankful we’re not going through a polar vortex because that just doesn’t sound fun. I’m happy that it will be cold enough to light my fireplace. I got some good logs I need to burn before it starts getting warm here in Texas.

Pay Day

Because who doesn’t get pumped about payday? I do! Me, me, me!!

Made For More

Rachel Hollis released her Made For More documentary on Amazon Prime and I’m here for it! Yassss!! Watch it and thank me later.

Ari’s New Album

Thank God Ariana Grande dropped her album today! I had no idea until a few minutes ago before writing this post. Listening to it now and yeah, it’s gold.

New Hair

This morning I decided I need to get some color in my hair. I have a friend I used to work with who is a hairstylist so I reached out and she said she’ll do it. Yay!

Hope y’all have a great weekend!

What are your highlights of the week? Share them in the comments below!