Happy December

Happy December y’all! I hid away last month because so many crazy things happened that it made me want to crawl into a hole and never come out. Glad that was just last month because now that December is here, I feel ready to come out of said hole. One of the crazy things that happened was that I got the flu. Which is so weird for me because I never get the flu. But I did hang out with kids the week of Thanksgiving and those little rascals are the quickest way to get sick.

So to sum up what I’ve been up to I’ll break it down in chunks.


I am obsessed with this series. I wanted to read the books first; I have the first one I bought it years ago, but never finished it. Shame on me! This is the greatest love story ever. It has made me bawl my eyes out, laugh and reminisce being so deeply in love you can’t think straight. It has all the best elements in a story – time travel, historical fiction, fantasy, action, war, and a timeless love. Not to mention the main characters are gorgeous, including the guy who plays Jaime. I love his Scottish accent. Sassenach.

There are 4 seasons so far and I started the first season two weeks ago and now I’m almost caught up on season 4. You.must.watch.it. You’re welcome.


I started it and didn’t finish it. And that’s okay. I’m happy that I at least participated for the first time ever and I wrote 8,000 words. I know I was struggling with the storyline because I didn’t know where it was headed, but I just needed to keep it going and it will unfold. I realized I’m a pantser, not a plotter. A pantser is where you write on the fly by the seat of your pants if you will. The story was starting to become too real and not fictional like I wanted it to be and it was starting to piss me off.

I decided that this story still needs to be told and needs to be finished. This time I will make it more fiction and that should be more fun than thinking of my own past. Writing is like a wave and you gotta ride it and go with the flow. Also, when I started watching Outlander, it freaked me out because the theme is very similar to my book. I was a little intimidated, but I shouldn’t compare. By the time I’m done, my story will stand on its own. Plus, that’s what an editor is there for, to refine it into a masterpiece.

San Antonio

I had so much fun in SA, I was surprised. I had some great heart to heart talks with both my uncle and his wife. Getting to know them better and meeting her family, her sons, it was great. Not to mention, the food was amazing and I was thankful that I didn’t have to spend it alone.

The last day I was there, we went down to the Riverwalk and that was fun. My uncle and his wife are soulmates, I witnessed how lovie they were with each other and it made me miss love. I’m happy they found each other.

Learning about myself

I’ve been learning a lot about myself even my flaws. One of the flaws that I learned is that I can be judgmental. It’s not the type of judgmental where I judge people directly but is more of a situational judgment. Where I think people should do things the way that I would, or think the way I do and if they don’t, I judge them. It’s not right of course and I’m glad I’m aware of it. I’m working on being less judgmental and appreciate people for why they do things regardless of my opinions.

Self care

After I got sick, I made sure to take better care of myself. Drinking more water, getting more sleep and not being stressed out about things that are not under my control has helped. The upside of being sick is that I lost the weight I gained during Thanksgiving. Winning!

Lots and lots of shopping

I got my Christmas list almost completed for the people closest to me, myself included. I got myself a Fitbit and it should get here soon. My job paid a big chunk of it and I’m glad I’ll have a digital watch to track my steps, calories burned, you know everything that goes with health. I wanted to buy a Christmas tree, but I figured I can always get it next year. I seriously felt overwhelmed thinking about what theme I should make with my tree and I have zero ornaments because I threw a lot of them away, which I regret now. It’s just not fun decorating a tree with added stress. No thanks.

I’ll just buy some Christmas lights and call it a day.

So that’s my life lately. I’m looking forward to December being way better than last month. Christmas is so close, I can taste it! What are you looking forward to this month?