Happy Blogger, Happy Life

Happy late Valentine’s! I was giving myself some self love by getting my hair done at the salon. After 6 hours, I finally got to the lightness I desired. I was supposed to get it done last weekend, but there was some miscommunication so I rescheduled. I’m happy that my hair is still healthy, even though I last cut it 5 months ago. My girl Autumn over at Level 12 Salon did an outstanding job.

The last time I did any hair dye in my hair was back in 2014. After that, I let it grow out and the color was still on my ends. Thankfully, Autumn was able to keep working with the ends without cutting them. You can see what I mean when you look at the before pic.

After she was done and we took pictures, I was amazed how long my hair has grown. All I’ve done is washed it less and used more dry shampoo if needed. Also, I’ve been taking vitamins with my protein shake so that always helps maintain it healthy.

But now having lighter hair it’s going to require more maintenance and I’m fine with that. Honestly, I’ve always dyed my hair red or gotten highlights before, but never actually gone blonde. I’m going to one more session to lighten it more next month so I’m excited. Who knows, in that time it may get lighter on its own so I may not have to.

New Year, New Hair & New Grill

I also went to a free consultation to see about getting Invisalign. I’ve never had braces in my life because for the most part, my teeth are naturally straight – EXCEPT, I have a stubborn canine tooth that came in crooked and it’s genetic because my mom has the exact issue. If you look at the pic above it’s off to the side on the left and there’s a bit of a gap there because of that.

Well, lucky for me, I qualify for Invisalign and they can make me some trays and fill that gap once it straightens. My dental insurance paid half of it and I was happy because I only had to come up with $900 and I had $600 in my HSA (Health Savings Account) so I set up a payment plan for the rest.

I also found out that I have an overbite, which shocked me. When I smile you can barely see my bottom teeth and so with Invisalign, I’ll be able to open that smile more where you can see my bottom teeth more. I didn’t take any pictures of the assimilation they did and I regret it, but just know by the end of 2019, I will have an even healthier, prettier smile. Winning!

Joined LA Fitness

I worked out 4 times this week already at the gym and I’ve missed the gym. Mainly the weight training and the sauna. I hate the treadmill because I enjoy running outdoors, but I do like the stair master. I did it for 5 minutes and I was drenched. I hope they build one closer to my place, but for now this gym is legit.

Started Isagenix

In case you’re not familiar, these are healthy protein shakes you get that come with a shaker bottle (my fave), healthy snacks, metabolism booster, cleanse juice to detox, the works. I got my order the other day and it has so many products, it’s almost overwhelming. But they included a brochure that gives you an idea of what time to take what and how many ounces to consume. The results in 30 days for potential weight loss will be shared here, so stay tuned. Did I mention, they also sent me a measuring tape? Winning!

Going to lunch with a friend today and spending Saturday night with my girl for girls night out! February is off to a great start! I’m ready for you boo!

How’s your week been? Any highlights? Do share in the comments below. I’d love to hear from ya.