Happy 2021 & New Moon in Capricorn

Happy New Year! This year so far has started out in what I would describe as “interesting“. We got snow in Texas on Sunday this week and it was like a miracle! It made me happy as I’m sure it made a lot of people happy as well. I don’t even recall the last time it snowed here, but it was nice. Even if it was just for a day.

I made a decision that this year I will put myself out there more. On Friday, I did my very first Instagram live video and it was a lot of fun! Sometimes it’s a matter of getting out of our own heads and just taking action. I’ll most likely do another live this week as well. Practice makes perfect, right?

This is what I wore on snow day. Just cozy for the most part. It was too cold to take pictures of myself outdoors, so indoors will do.

New Moon in Capricorn

So today we have the very first New Moon of 2021. This cycle is sure to make us tackle our goals like a true Capricorn, so work mode is in full throttle. The energy in the air is sure to make us laser focused and not allow any distractions to get in our way. Also, like Capricorns, our patience is going to be very thin so be mindful of that. If we think we need to be patient, allow more room for patience during this transit because you may get impatient with people, situations, etc.

Per Moonology Oracle cards, “Your hard work is paying off”. If you put in a lot of work in 2020, planting seeds and taking care of business then this moon cycle is going to show you the fruits of your labor. The seeds are starting to grow into beautiful, bountiful plants! Your hard work will yield abundance that you so well deserve.

On the flip side of that, it’s time to set our intentions on what we want to bring to fruition the next two weeks. How do you want the first month of the year to wrap up?

What’s really the kicker is that what you desire or are destined for is already there for the taking. You may not see it, but it’s in the actions that you take that will pull the veil off so that you can finally see your heart’s desire in physical form, or whichever form it materializes in, it’s manifested!

So if you are, for instance, a twin flame and currently in separation from your divine counterpart; you are DESTINED to be together, you just can’t see it yet. So the Universe is asking you to realize that you are already with your person. Accept it so that you already feel you’re in union. When that happens and you are aligned in that vibration, then the Universe will grant you your wish and it shows up! Ta-da!!

I actually wrote this quote back in November and I was feeling iffy about it for some reason (probably overthinking, as always). Now that I wrote about this here, it made sense to finally bring it up. I even made this graphic to go with it, but I just kept it in my drafts.

It’s been an old dream of mine to write poetry. I used to do it when I was a teenager, but I stopped. I think this year I will give that dream a little more attention. I also love digital photoshop and making art with photos, so the below picture is one of my latest creations that I think is so neat.

What are some of your dreams or goals that you may have put in the back burner that now you are thinking of revisiting?

It’s time to dig and find the things that make us come alive. Life is meant to be lived, start now!