Goodbye September

Where has this year gone? I can’t believe we’re about to start the last quarter of 2019! September flew and I’m so happy that I did well my first month at work. So well that I achieved my quota for the month! Things take time and even though I was on the phone for three weeks, all my deals came in on the fourth week. I wasn’t worried at all, I knew that they were coming. I just had to keep a positive mindset and the deals started rolling in like thunder! BOOM!

I’m so happy that I’ll be getting my first commission check in two weeks. Just in time for my birthday which is at the end of October. Of course, not going to spend it all. However, it will help me get caught up and save for a rainy day.

A week ago I was able to meet up with Alisha from Chocolate Is My Vice. Y’all, I just love this girl! Her stories on IG are hilarious and she always has so much energy and spunky personality, I can’t get enough. She was so sweet in person and she’s such a giver that she even baked her own peanut butter cookies and brought them to the meetup. Who does that?! Alisha Revel that’s who! Her cookies were divine! I put two in purse for late night consumption, no shame! I’m gonna make that recipe TODAY. No time like the present right?

I had a chance to bring my dog to work this past week and he’s coming along on Tuesday. Everyone so far loved him and he liked all the treats and cuddles he was getting from my coworkers. We’re moving to a bigger office the second week of October and that will be a nice change.

So yeah I’m running errands today before the week starts. We’re having a big anniversary party for our company on Wednesday and that should be fun. I just feel beyond grateful that things turned around for the better. Also, it makes me giddy when I see that my horoscope said that my love life is going to start strong this fall. I already have my eye on someone and the connection is intense 🙂 Ok that’s all I’m saying for now.

Happy Sunday loves! Make this week an incredible one.