Goodbye Leo Season

Wow, what a month and Leo season! This month has been incredible for various reasons I will, of course, get into in this post. Before I do though, I can’t help but feel so appreciative of what this season brought me. I planted some seeds that I know will bear fruit in the coming months. So I am definitely looking forward to Virgo season.

Let’s Dive In

I got a table to record my YouTube videos, as well as a new chair. I don’t have a dining table (who really needs one these days, right?) so this is my space to do what I do.

This month, I put in a lot of work into my YouTube channel and I was happy to see some impressive numbers climbing for my subscribers. I did 8 personal readings for my clients, 3 of which were repeat clients. The month is not even over, but to start off with that many, it’s amazing!

New Podcast Episode

Finally got a chance to interview a fellow tarot reader/twin flame gal, Sarah from Sarita’s Intuitive Love Guidance! I’ve been wanting to do so for months, but it didn’t work out with the last person I had in mind. This interview was so smooth, I just love my friend Sarah. You guys should listen to it if you’re curious to learn more about the tarot world, twin flame community and my own story about my twin flame. Very insightful and refreshing.

Revamped My Place

Everything for my mantle and frames, I pretty much got from Home Goods, Michael’s and Hobby Lobby. I still need an area rug, but it’s not a big deal right now.

Got two more plants to finish my plant patio. Love them!

Wine Mail

My bestie Roman sent me some wine in the mail, and so far I’ve only had one bottle. Pretty tasty, yum!

Makeup Selfies

Since being at home a lot doesn’t call for makeup, the days I do put it on, it needs to be documented.

I gotta say, August so far has been good to me. Finally feeling my place is cozy, welcoming and it feels like home now. It’s reflecting how I feel inside and that’s such a huge milestone for me.

How did this Leo season treat you?

PS. Here’s the latest video I uploaded about the Divine Masculine; it actually made me CRY: