It’s Official – Going Steady

This week seriously took me by surprise. I learned that you should always show up to find out more before you make a decision because you never know. Kinda like dating, you may want to bail on a date but when you finally go, you find out you really like the person and want to go on a second date. But what I’m specifically talking about is job hunting, which honestly it’s a lot like dating. I went on a “date” this week and found out I wanted a second date and now we’re exclusive. Haha! But to be real, I just landed a job at a really good company that I had no idea that I was going to end up wanting to be a part of.

I found out they’re moving offices to The Domain at the end of next month and that’s so exciting. The Domain in Austin is just a really nice shopping center with tons of restaurants, bars and shops. They have an Apple store and even an Erin Condren store! Which reminds me I need to go visit soon. At night, there are lots of bars and people call it the “fancier 6th street” with a much older crowd. I like an older crowd because I get easily annoyed with young college kids #sorrynotsorry.

The best part is that it starts next week, whereas the other job I thought I wanted starts the first week of April. I’m still going to the interview I scheduled with them on Monday, but it feels so good to know that I already secured a job.

Things in Austin are getting pretty hectic with SxSW starting today. It’s gonna be a busy time and so I’m gonna be working it by doing Uber/Lyft. I’m pumped because that means there will be lots of demand and therefore more money to be made.

Last night my roommate Roman and I celebrated getting my new job by going to our favorite pizza spot, which now has a brick and mortar on East 6th street. Good ol’ Via 313!

So much fun! and tonight I’m going to see him star in a play in Round Rock so it’s gonna be such a treat seeing my best friend take the stage. Stay tuned for updates on Snapchat. Have a great weekend y’all!