Goal Digger Series: April Goals // A Girl Has To Be on Fleek

Alright you guys, it is time to put the goals out there for April. Not even going to bore you with last month’s goals because that’s in the past. It is trash, it is done, finito. I decided to bring back this blog series, Goal Digger. Seems I’m doing a lot of that these days, bringing the good stuff back. So excited that April is here with spring blooming all around. Gives me that motivation to break out the pastels and flowy dresses. Hint: Be sure to hover over the pictures for the caption.

Beauty goals because a girl has to stay on point

Keeping my naturally curly hair this entire month. Straightening my hair is not only damaging, but I have lost a bit of my natural bounce to my curls and I can’t have that. It’s time to get back to basics.

Doing a face mask three times a week. I’m really bad at this, but I do use my Microdermabrasion treatment while I shower, but face masks always have that soothing feeling after you wash it off. I’ll share in an upcoming post about what I use, for those of you looking for a new skin routine.

Fit life because a girl’s body is her temple

Need to meal prep weekly. It’s amazing once you prep your meals, how easy it is to open your fridge and know what you’re going to eat. Plus, it does your body good and I’m not talking about milk. Speaking of which, I need to drink more milk and take vitamins.

Start running again! I admit I have fallen off the running wagon, but I recently got inspired by one of the ladies I listen to on Anchor. She runs every day! She describes her runs and how she’s feeling and she made me miss it. Besides, I am paying for a gym membership that I am not even taking advantage of. SMH.

Journaling because putting pen to paper is exhilarating

Write daily in my journal. Write about my day, thoughts, rants, ideas, food journal, plans for the week etc. Hopefully, I will get in the habit of doing this and it will remain an ongoing routine and not just a goal for the month.

Make a blog content calendar. I’ve pinned posts that talks about this, but have I actually read it? I can’t remember, so that tells me I probably didn’t.

Write in my planner. I always do this where I obsess over my Happy Planner and then months later I don’t even crack it open. Anyone do this besides me? It’s a mini confession. The other day I almost forgot to make a credit card payment and if I had my planner ready, I wouldn’t have almost forgotten.

Design graphics because it’s my jam and a girl needs creativity

Design freebies for my email subscribers. The other day I had a bomb ass idea to make my wallpapers stand out, which will also include wallpapers for your tablets and phones. If you haven’t subscribed (fill out the form on the sidebar or below this post), make sure you do because it’s not going to be on the blog.

Promoting old content because a girl can’t write every day

Share more posts from the archives because that’s where I’ve gotten so many ideas. I even created graphics to update the old pictures. It gets me excited that I have good content that’s just sitting there in the dark. It’s time to shine the light in on those oldies but goodies.

Take photos because a girl can’t be a blogger and not use her camera

Take selfies or more photos of my day to day. I am so bad at taking pictures because I am wrapped up with blogging, being on Anchor, watching tv, it just falls by the wayside. But no more since I want to keep my Instagram flowing as well as use more personal photos instead of designs or stock photos.

So those are all of my April goals because a girl has to be on fleek in all areas of her life if she wants to be successful and keep running shit. Who run the world? Girls.

What are your goals this month?