Get Over Yourself And Love People

Sometimes people need your love. Not your scolding, your judgment, your criticism, your high and mighty attitude – simply just your love. While you’re at it, say a prayer for them too. People have their own battles to fight and it is not our job to fix things or shine a light because we think they’re lost. We need to have more compassion and try to put ourselves in their shoes. If we were in their situation, how would we handle things? If they need someone to listen, be an ear and don’t say anything. Sometimes people need to be heard and that’s it.

Believe me, this has been something I’ve had to apply to myself so that I don’t hurt someone who I think is heading down the wrong path. Instead, I showed them my love and understanding and they found their way back. Of course, I had to say a prayer and trust that God knows what He is doing. It wasn’t easy, but when this individual gathered their strength to move forward, I was glad that I didn’t show them the opposite of love. Maybe it was my love alone that really pushed them forth to set themselves free. And for that I’m forever grateful.

Sometimes people need our love AND support. There is nothing worse than someone you care about who is an addict and their own family who is supposed to be their support system, is not. My recent ex had no support from his family, it was heartbreaking/frustrating/mind boggling/infuriating. He is an alcoholic and during the holidays, (which are really tough on addicts in the first place) and they drank wine in front of him. If I had been there, I am sure I would have thrown their wine down the drain. The nerve. When he went to rehab the next day, they didn’t even visit. I was baffled and so angry. Looking back, I’m glad I didn’t meet them because it would have been extremely hard to be nice. Especially with the wine thing, I would have been on their shit list VIP style. God doesn’t give you more than you can handle though, so he didn’t put me in that situation. Thank you Jesus.

Obviously they don’t understand his disease and that’s the root of the problem. Addicts are not like normal people. That’s like someone having cancer and their family being mad at them for being sick and also not visit them at the hospital. They just don’t get it and I hope one day they will, for his sake.

Sometimes the people we love have to go through their own experiences so that they can refer back to it in the future. Our past is key in that way or you can also consider it deja vu. The past will serve them like a guide or a reminder that they’ve been here before and change course. They might think in the future when you were there for them and how that made them feel, so that they can also pay it forward and do the same for someone else.

All of this recently happening really opened my eyes that love always perseveres, it always brings the best out of people, it always mends and unites people together. Love wins every time. Love really does conquer all. When there’s lack of love, the opposite effect will take place. Seriously, who wants that? Not me. I always choose love and will never hold love back from anyone, especially those who really need it. We need to get over ourselves, our pride, our ego, our opinions that have no business in people’s situations, and just LOVE.

Because when you really sit down and think about it, wouldn’t you want to be loved when you really needed it? Sometimes we just need love when we don’t even realize we need it. But first, I will say you have to love yourself. If you can’t love yourself, you won’t know how to love others. Self love is hugely important and vital.

Know you are loved and love others in return. It’s the cycle of life. You get love and give love. Don’t put a kink in it. Love you guys.

So who do you know in your life that needs a little love? Give them a call and let them know or just BE there. Get over yourself and love, love, love.