First Trip of The Year to Mobile Alabama

I’m headed to Mobile Alabama today and I’m super excited and nervous. I haven’t gotten on a plane since 2014. Also, I’ve never been on a work trip so I’m stepping on some new territory here, literally and figuratively. Hopefully my coworkers will show me around the city so it should be lots of fun. I made sure to get my Dramamine for motion sickness because I tend to get sick on planes, no joke. Anyone else? It’s the worst!

Last week I already started my new job and I absolutely love it. I have so much freedom to work throughout my day how I’d like and the people I met at the properties that are in my assigned area are really nice. There were some that were a bit challenging, but with time they’ll warm up to me; especially if I bring them bagels in the morning. Austin peeps are very health conscious so donuts may not be as big of a hit as Einstein bagels.

I’m getting my own business cards this week and when I go to AL, I’ll be getting a tablet too so I will feel majorly official. I hope I get to explore the city and I hear it’s not too far from the ocean. Last time I saw the ocean was when I went to San Diego back in 2008! Well, I did go to Galveston for my friend’s wedding in 2016 but does that even count? It was a baby ocean.

Anyway, I’m still packing as I’m typing this post so when you read this, I should be in the air on the big bird. These photos were taken a few years ago, but they looked like they’d go with this post. If anyone has recommendations of places I should check out in Mobile, feel free to let your girl know! Have a wonderful week friends!