But First 3 Coffees & Some Motivational Quotes

It’s a new week, with the dreadful Daylight Savings Time. Even though most of us will be on the third cup of coffee by lunch time, I can confidently say that when you drive home today it won’t be as dark out. And that gives you a little hope that you weren’t at work all day. At least that’s what I’m hoping you’ll feel.

Not sure if I’m the only one (besides Nestor) who also looks at my “On This Day” feature on Facebook. It reminds me of Timehop, except it’s more convenient since it’s on Facebook. I looked at mine the past few days and around this time 3 years ago, I was on a friend’s radio show talking about dating. Then 2 years ago, I started a new job as a recruiter and had my own office. It’s crazy the different paths life takes us. I’m proud that I’ve come a long way since then.

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To be honest, I wasn’t focused on doing what I really wanted. It was easier to take the safe route to keep going from job to job so that I can pay my bills. But after seeing the same results, it was absolutely ridiculous to keep that trend so I broke it. I took a chance on myself and explored other options so that I won’t have any regrets.

Like this quote by Rumi says, “When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy!”. This quote couldn’t be further from the truth. Once you do things from your inner self, it becomes a rush of adrenaline, or a river, that just runs through you and you are unstoppable. Being in that state only brings joy because you are in your element.

What you can expect – Motivational Monday Quotes

From now on, every Monday I’m going to share a motivational quote(s) with you guys to start the week off strong. Work hard today so that by Wednesday, most of your tasks are done and you can coast all the way to Friday.

Here goes another quote –

motivational, quotes

I know it’s easier said than done, but we often underestimate ourselves. Let’s stop that. Recently, I had this notion in my head that I couldn’t do something because I’ve never done it before. I was about to throw in the towel and justify it with, I’m not an expert so why would I go there to make myself fail. But then after thinking about it because I felt like it was staring at me in the face, I decided to entertain it. After a few hours, I came up with a solution on how to solve that problem! Not only that, I came up with two additional solutions.

I’m on a roll. Imagine if I gave up, then I would’ve taken the easy way out. And most likely never learned anything new.

When you’re on a mission, you go on a TV show

By accident, I’ve been watching Shark Tank. And yes I was one of those people who thought it was about actual sharks! Sue me {*Facepalm*} Anyways, it’s an interesting show and concept. These entrepreneurs come on the show, do their sales pitch and are asking for the sharks (a panel of investors who I have no clue who they are except Mark Cuban – love him) to invest in their vision/entrepreneurial idea or business.

These people are go-getters. Some of them have it together, some don’t. Some fight for what they’re seeking and have even walked away from the sharks’ offers. One girl was impressive with her wedding gown consignment business. She had already done the work, got featured in magazines and sites like Huffington Post and Mashable. Let’s just say I know where I’ll be getting my wedding gown (one day). If you’re interested, her site is Nearly Newlywed. She walked away from the offer she got and that’s ballsy.

“There’s always a better way.”  Thomas A. Edison

This quote is quickly becoming one of my favorites. My mindset is always how can I make this better. Or in Thomas A. Edison’s case, “There’s always a better way”. I like to think I’m a hunter when trying to look for something that needs to be uncovered. Once I have all the pieces together, almost like a puzzle, then I can see the bigger picture and see what needs to be done.

Hope these motivational quotes get you through your day. If not, those 3 cups of coffee should keep you wired and fueled on this DST day. Tweet me, comment below, and/or share away on your social media drug of your choice for those friends who may be needing some motivation. You can do it! Spank you.