February // Just 3 Things I Learned

Even though yesterday’s post was heavy, somehow today I feel so much better. Thank you guys so much for reaching out to me via texts, calls, social media etc. I know a few of you were shocked and sad that things didn’t work out, but trust me, I’m strong and it was time. For every bad that happens in our lives, something good comes from it. So I’m definitely holding on to hope that good is on its way. It already has seeing how much outpouring of love I’ve received from you guys – thanks a million.

My February was filled with a mix of highs and lows. That said, I think it’s good to look back at how the month went and sharing the 3 things I learned.

February is the month of love & I got a God wink

For this month, my focus was being around dogs because they make me happy. I got my first client from Rover, his name is Max and he was absolutely adorable. I get to see him later this week too. If you follow my Snapchat, I’m sure you saw him. By the end of this month, my mom found a stray and he’s slowly becoming a part of our family. I named him Monroe and I think he might be around 6 months old. Still waiting to see if his owner will claim him, if not he’s officially ours.

I learned that when you make a decision to be around the things that make you happy, God has a way of surprising you and sends you a little wink through the universe. Maybe Monroe is here for a short time to show me I can have a dog again or maybe he’ll be my dog (which I’m leaning towards the latter).

Living with my parents has been a blessing in disguise

On Valentine’s, my mom put a box of chocolates on my bed (while I was asleep) and also got me some owl earrings! How sweet is that? I wasn’t even expecting anything and that was so thoughtful. My stepdad and I have been funemployed and we have had many fun talks, watched movies, gone to the movies, cooked him breakfast and spend a lot of time together.

I learned that while I was living out on my own, my relationship with them grew distant and now we’re catching up, building on our relationships. It’s definitely keeping me centered. I’m enjoying this time because this will most likely be the last time I move back with them.

Accepting and loving myself

My biological dad and I keep in touch while he’s living in PR. Last time we talked, he said something really hurtful; he said I’m gaining weight and look fat. Why is it that people think they can have an opinion about how you look? He was referring to a picture of Nestor and I, and I lost it. I was in tears and I called my mom hysterical. I get that he wasn’t trying to be mean and purposely trying to hurt me, but it still hurts. It is NEVER okay for anyone to say to someone they look fat!

I have a mirror, I know I’ve gained some weight, but I don’t need your friendly reminder. Which is not friendly FYI.

Little does he know that this month alone I dropped 7 lbs. I’m doing something about my health and I’m not looking to lose weight to feel accepted by others. I accept and love myself the way I am. I go through stages where I gain weight and then literally two months later, I drop like 20 lbs. This time it was harder to shake that comment because it was coming from my own father.

Also, I acknowledge I started using food for comfort and it’s taken me longer to shed the weight. Regardless, it was nice to have a boyfriend who didn’t mind my size because he actually likes thick girls. Anywho, by May I will be back to my ideal weight and the haters can kiss my you-know-what.

PS. That rose I’m holding was from Valentine’s Day. The restaurant we had dinner at gave me that rose, which by the way it’s still alive.

What did you learn this month?