Dodging Bullets Like Neo

As bloggers, from time to time we come across negativity since it’s all a part of it. For the most part, it’s always women who, unfortunately, take the time to spew out the poison, other times it’s men, but 99% – it’s women. Sometimes, this person hides and doesn’t even show a profile picture, so they’re even more of a coward. All that to say is that I feel for these haters. It makes me sad to see someone full of anger/resentment/hate that they have no other outlet, but to steer all that negativity towards you.

I dodge them because they see me in my positivity, in my power and it pisses them off because they don’t have any of it. So they think that by sending negative vibes your way, they can release some of that anger to feel better. Does it work? I’m sure it can, to some degree. In the end though, you’re only hurting yourself by throwing hate at someone else who hasn’t done anything to you personally.

Unless of course, this person does know you personally and that’s why they hide behind their mask. I just don’t have the energy to entertain the bullshit. I really don’t.

So if you guys are faced with negativity and/or people trying to push your buttons to get a reaction, just kindly send them on their way. Don’t allow yourself to absorb any of their negative arrows they’re sending you. It’s not worth disturbing your peace. Most of the time people who do this don’t know, not even half, of your story. They take one piece of it and make a whole book or novela out of it. They think they are experts on YOUR LIFE when they don’t know jack shit! lol

What’s funny is that I actually had a dream the night before where I was arguing with my twin. I told him I don’t need to explain myself to him because I got frustrated with our conversation. Because I was thinking of ways to explain myself and then I paused and said to myself, “Wait, I don’t owe him an explanation!“, and that was the best feeling lol.

We don’t owe anyone an explanation.

Whoever @’s you, comes for you, does not need an explanation to understand you because they think they have you figured out. How are you going to tell someone about themselves as if you are God? or a judge? You are a coward who hides! Can’t even show your freaking face online. What a joke!

Deep down we know who we are as souls. We know who we are as human beings. We know our own spirit, our own heart, our own freaking life, better than anyone. Part of loving yourself is saying NO to these low vibration conversations. Shutting the door on these opinions that truly have no weight; opinions are just opinions – NOT FACTS.

So yeah, someone tried to come for me, thinking they know my life just off of a few posts I shared and they said some really unfounded comments that I was in shock. One of them was shaming me for getting my nails done. This is a form of self care and it actually makes me happy. They were probably mad they haven’t gotten their nails done, who knows. But I refused the negativity because I won’t allow a stranger to make me feel bad for doing whatever the fuck I want to. Who are they anyway? the police? the fashion police? GTFO.

This negative Nancy might even be my twin’s girlfriend coming for me. I wouldn’t put it past her. When females are threatened they act a fool. I don’t have proof, but when someone attacks you as if they know you in real life, it stands out. That whole interaction made my day though because I could’ve gone low, but instead I took the high road and said Namaste. Then they wrote a long ass paragraph spewing more bullets and I just shut it down. Blocked.

Their negativity has nothing to do with me and everything to do with them. Honestly, I just wish for people to find creative, positive ways to channel the negative energy, which doesn’t include attacking people with words. We are better than that. These times are really making people angry because they’re scared of the unknown. But just know that this is how they’re coping, ever so destructive and pointless, but it’s their coping skills/mechanism.

People need to mind their business, just like I am. To claim that you know how I spend my money is ridiculous. I haven’t even spent my stimulus check to stimulate the economy. Did I tell Nancy this? No, because she doesn’t need to know. What matters is what I know.

I hope that they find the light out of the darkness. I’m thankful that I’m spiritually awakened and can recognize these schemes and dodge them like Neo in the Matrix when he dodges bullets!! Okurrrr!

Now one thing I will say is that this person said, “Karma is coming for you“. Well, honey, actually it’s coming for YOU like a boomerang. You throw hate like that and it comes right back to you. I just told your ass, Namaste.

Have a fabulous week loves! Do good! Love & Light!! Namaste.