Confessions of a Twin Flame

The other day, it was my twin’s birthday. While I was upbeat, had no expectations, I still found myself lost. That’s the thing about this journey. Some days, you find yourself on a high of a rollercoaster, then you go through the deep lows and you feel like you’re wanting off this crazy town ride. You feel like giving up because when things are hard, it’s just easier to give up, right?

Then you get signs from the Universe and you realize you had a moment and now you feel back to yourself. Ooh! What a relief. That was me this week and I’m so thankful that Spirit gave me hope when I was holding on by my chinny chin chin.

Choose Happy

This journey really kicks your butt sometimes. It teaches you that you have to be fine and happy in your own energy. That’s not easy to do when your whole life you’re used to relying on the outside world to make you happy. This journey helps you to actually go within for your own happiness.

It’s a freeing feeling, but it takes practice to keep choosing it. It’s almost like our default setting is set to find a distraction, find someone to make me happy, find something to do so that I don’t have to think about said person.

Not only did I get help from Spirit, my girls called to check up on me. Some of them were hoping for good news! It’s still good news though. I’m making an effort not to expect an outcome. The good news is that I know my person still needs more time. The silver lining is that despite what’s not happening in the 3D world, I still get messages from him in the (5D) dream world, like last night.

That 5D Love

I honestly don’t know if it was his higher self in my dream talking to me, but he was venting to me about how people don’t see him for who he is and he knows that I do. I just listened to him because he was really frustrated. Before we got off the phone, he told me he loved me. I told him I loved him too. We had this friendship and it felt amazing. The funny thing is, he was actually a little kid. But somehow, I knew it was him. I feel like it was his inner child and he is very chatty.

Believe in Yourself

So those signs alone are enough to give me hope. There’s other signs I received too, but that will make this post extra long and you get my point, right? Ok, one more sign. I saw a squirrel make strong eye contact with me and it made my day. I pulled one of my oracle cards for spirit animals and the squirrel one said, “Believe in yourself”. I read the guidebook that goes more in depth and it was so comforting that it made me teary eyed.

Believe in yourself that in the past, you have made it out the other side and where you find yourself right now is no different. Trust yourself and trust that Spirit has your back.

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Made my own quote the other day:

Have you received signs from Spirit and/or messages in the 5D? Do tell!

Keep striving and shining my loves! This journey is hard AF, but we got this. We’re paving the way for future generations so that they don’t have to go through separation.

What are your confessions?