Confessions of a Blogaholic: Lifestyle Confessions & Questions For You

In case you’re new here, I used to share my confessions writing my blog series Confessions of a Blogaholic. They were weekly, but after awhile I’d get burned out and felt like there’s nothing else to confess (just me? ok). This time around I will do one (or two) confession posts a month. That seems like a good plan.

These days I have so many thoughts I need to blurt blog about so I thought what a better way to do it by bringing this baby back.

While I’m confessing here, I will also ask you guys some questions so by all means comment and let me know your confessions. We’re all friends here.

That said, happy humpday! & here I go:


I keep having this dream over and over. It’s where a tsunami wave is about to come down. Does anyone have repetitive dreams like this? or maybe not this exact dream but a dream you keep dreaming every now and then?

Reconnecting with old friends is fun. I was remembering my highschool days when I was talking to my stepdad and I looked up an old friend on Facebook. I couldn’t believe that I found her! She finally wrote me back today and it looks like we’re going to meetup soon. Have you guys had that happen where you find friends from way back? So cool.

The whole instagram follow/unfollow nonsense makes me see red. I guess I’ve been out of the loop on this, but I didn’t even know this was a thing (I included a link to the post in my newsletter I sent out on Friday). In case you’re unsure what I’m talking about, it’s where people follow you on Instagram and after 48 hours they unfollow.

It’s like a bait-and-hook kind of a thing. They follow you so you can follow them back and then they unfollow you.

Scandalous! Like, these people are a joke because they are not genuine. That makes me see all kinds of red.

It normally wouldn’t bother me, but it actually happened to me. I connected with a Dallas blogger and she commented/liked a few of my Instagram pics and vice versa. A few days later I went to her page to see if she was still following me and she unfollowed me! I was so pissed and felt like she was such a phony.

So being the Scorpio that I am, I not only unfollowed her, I UNLIKED all her pics and ERASED my comments. Boom! Cash me ousside, how ’bout dat!

A way to spot these fakers is to look at how many people they’re following vs the amount of followers. If they have a thousand and something and they’re only following a couple hundred, they’re fake! Block them! lol

Has this happened to y’all? What do you think of the follow/unfollow shenanigans? Maybe you do it, but have your reasons? A girl wants to know!

In 3 days we’ll be in San Antonio and I’m so excited! It’s not my first time in SA, I’ve been there twice before. This time is very special though because it’s our first trip together.

Anyone going on a road trip or a trip soon? Where to? I’m being nosy.

I’m in the beginning stages of writing my first FREE eBook. When I say beginning stages, it’s where the idea is sinking in my head that I need to make fetch this book happen. By no means am I drafting that bad boy, but know that it’s coming. For now, I’m going to start doing some serious research and then I’ll pull the trigger. Probably when I get back from San Antonio, eek!

Because I’ll be doing a lot of behind the scenes, I’m going to share the progress with you. So if you want to satisfy your own curiosity or want to see how the process goes, (in case you want to do an eBook yourself) then sign up for my mailing list HERE. Who’s signing up? I’m really asking.

If you’re already a BATC insider/subscriber, check your emails fam! I sent a few emails out and some of you haven’t opened them. Makes me pout a little #justsayin.

Yours truly when I was 2 or 3 years old. Photo taken in San Jose, CA.

I’ve always loved this pic when I was itty bitty. It definitely reminds me that I haven’t changed much. I had that sassy attitude and was such a ham! haha! I look at that picture and it makes me want babies, crazy right? Must be my ovaries talking. I would love to have a little girl who looks just like this though.

And yes, I was a California girl. My parents and I lived in San Jose, CA for a good 3 years before we moved back to Puerto Rico. I remember back then my mom was working at Jack In The Box. I just remember being in that townhouse, watching Whitney Houston videos and playing with my Fisher Price kitchen.

We also went to Disneyland and Sea World. I have the pictures too, just gotta find them. What are some of your fond memories as a kid?

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That’s all I got loves! Now it’s your turn to confess, let me hear it. Also, if you want to tweet me your confessions use my twitter name and hashtag #ConfessionsofaBlogaholic