Confessions of a Blogaholic: 10 Worthy Confessions

confessions of a blogaholic

Well hello there! Today calls for one of those days where confessions are a must. I did my first round last month where I confessed things like how personal I take the Instagram follow/unfollow method. I even went off on Twitter because fake bloggers were doing the same thing there too. It’s a trend that needs to die. For real.

In case you missed yesterday’s post, I shared about how I might become a dog mom again.

Anywho, let’s begin with my confessions

I’m over winter. Can Spring hurry up and get here please? I want to start wearing light colored clothes, get my nails in pastel colors and do a good Spring cleaning.

Breakfast is my favorite meal, yet I keep missing it. These days I stay up so late at night that when I wake up it’s already lunch time. I still brew my own coffee and have hot/cold cereal. Depends on my mood.

Saw a video I recorded of myself from 5 years ago; whoa. I’m very shy when it comes to recording myself talking to the camera. Watching this video not only made me laugh at myself, I realized I need to record a new video soon.

Found a kick ass blogger. This blogger I feel will be my inspiration for home decor and blogging. She’s an animal lover like me, a girlfriend, and her style is very similar to mine. She’s Hispanic and I love that. Not too many Latinas are interior designers AND bloggers. Or if they are, I may be totally in the dark. Her blog’s name is on fleek too; check it out and be green with envy with me. Swoon Worthy.

My foot has been giving me a hard time, but it’s healing. I think. When I went to San Antonio, it was the worst since I couldn’t even walk in heels. By Valentine’s Day, I was able to walk normal in heels.

Old fling was contacting me last week, but can he not? Even though I told him I’m in a relationship, the poor schmuck still tries. No thank you.

Been slowly cleaning house on Bloglovin. Some bloggers I used to love haven’t blogged in 2 years! Crazy to think so much time has passed. I hope they’re okay. Where are they now would be one hell of a post.

Helene almost hired me to be her virtual assistant. Well, more like she thought about it and told me. Sometimes the universe has a way of letting you know you’re almost there, but it’s not the right time. I do hope in some capacity her and I will work together one day. Helene, if you’re reading this, call me.. maybe.

On Valentine’s I finally told Nestor I love him. More like wrote it on the card, but you know what I mean. Best part was he told me he loves me too. I know he prefers to show it, but I need to hear those words.

I want to live abroad one day. At least for a year or two. My top locations would be Spain and England. All for the purpose to travel throughout Europe and even go on a cruise. Yes please!

Those are my confessions for this month. Your turn.