Christmas Giving Is The New Black + Christmas Playlist

Christmas is so close, it seems surreal that it’s around the corner. Lately, I’ve been feeling very emotional – the highs and the lows. I keep thinking about how the last two Christmases I was in a relationship. Only this time around, I’m alone and I’m okay with that. It’s a familiar new feeling and maybe not so new. I’ve been here many years before.

My focus this Christmas is to spend time with my family, especially since I didn’t get to during Thanksgiving. For that, I am so thankful because the holidays, you look forward to being with family. Friends sure, but mostly family. Even though there may be some family members you don’t look forward to seeing more than others, they’re still family. One thing I learned is to think of happy memories, even if in the present you’re not in the best terms with them.

That’s where Christmas gifts come in. Even if you are good with them, I think gifts can be that olive branch that you’re extending to let them know that they still matter to you. Putting your ego aside and gifting them or just even giving them your time will make all the difference. Because at the end of the day, memories are all you’ll have so why not make them the best memories that can be?

As far as gifts, I’m pretty much done with all my Christmas shopping. There’s one more stop I need to make at Target and I’ll be done. Thank God for Amazon. I’m looking forward to heading back to Dallas and I’m thankful that my job gives me the holiday time and I will be back to work on the 2nd.

So if I don’t post later this week, just remember that Christmas is what you make it. Make it special, make it yours, make it count. Merry Christmas loves! I leave you with a Christmas playlist I made – Bella’s Christmas. Shuffle it & enjoy!