Bye Feli… I Mean, Bye February

This month was CRAZY, y’all. I’m trying to be positive, but there’s gonna be some truth bombs dropped here on the blog today. They might not be all flowers and sprinkles. But I like to do these type of posts because I’m keeping it real with y’all. That’s the kind of blogger I am.

So mid February, I was laid off from my job. I knew it was coming and I took steps to find another job, but switching takes time. Thankfully, they gave me a severance package, which I was definitely not expecting yet thankful. I was sad because March would have been my one year anniversary. Also, that meant I wasn’t going to Nashville (which would have been this week). But that’s okay because I much rather go to Nashville for fun rather than work.

I had 3 interviews this week with 3 different companies. Hoping that sometime in March I will start my new job and it would be as if I didn’t miss a beat. Speaking to recruiters has been interesting. This one particular recruiter shut me down on something that she could already see on my resume. I wanted to be a smart ass and ask her why did she even bother calling me, but I took the higher road and didn’t say anything. It felt as if she just wanted to take a dig at me because she most likely has too much time on her hands. I did send her a “decline” though on Indeed. Ha!

I’m breaking up with my gynecologist, well, her receptionist really. She failed to tell me my visit was going to be $103! and that’s WITH insurance. I was heated because I drove 30 minutes in the rain, just so she could slap me with some BS. I told her she could’ve given me a heads up over the phone. They wouldn’t budge and acted like they rather take my money, which I wasn’t going to. So I told them I already had an appointment with Planned Parenthood (which I did) and that’s where I’m going.

My visit at PP was only $3!!! I repeat $3 freaking dollars, y’all. I was so glad I did the right thing. Also, they were only 15 min from my house.

I’m still reading the same book I was reading in January – Sawkill Girls. I’m almost done with it and the library called me today to remind me that it’s overdue. Yeah, I know and y’all gonna have to wait because I’m tired of extending it and my extensions are up. But damn the book is so long, it’s like 440 pages. I’m proud of myself that I’m almost done.

Now onto the good things, which come in the form of shopping to cure my shopaholic fix. It is a form of therapy so let’s get to it.

I caved and got the Apple Airpods. I tried being frugal and last month got some cheap bluetooth ones off Amazon, but they SUCKED. I would go on my runs and they were just about to fall off and having to adjust them every few minutes.

Also, since I dyed my hair blonde, I needed to get color protector shampoo + conditioner. I also got some Olaplex on Amazon and I tried it on my hair last night, so far so good.

I also got a water filter so that it keeps my hair and skin hydrated. The maintenance guy is coming to install it on my shower.

Went to Target and got a ton of workout clothes from their Joy Lab brand. I’m wearing the olive sweater on the pic above and it is SO SO SOFT. Highly recommend you ladies check it out. Also, they had some spring stuff they just got out of boxes, which this spring robe caught my eye. Also got some matching pajama pants. Oh yeah and I finally got my nails done. I had to cheat on my nail lady because she was off the day I desperately was seeking Su… a fill.

I had to take a break from running because my knee started bothering me so I ran yesterday to get back into the groove. I still love my FitBit and even though I scratched it a few weeks ago, it’s still great.

I’m back on keto. I also bought a bunch of groceries so that I can make some keto meals and lose weight like I did last time I started it. Hopefully I can go longer than 30 days and set my own personal record.

I’m on bumble… BFF. Not doing online dating! Bumble BFF is where you can network with women and make a new BFF. I went on a little BFF date on Saturday, but she rubbed me the wrong way at the end so I unmatched her. I don’t mind if people are the opposite of me, but she was so off she was boring me. Bye Felicia! For the most part, it seems they just like to text, which reminds me of guys on online dating and why I hate doing these things online in the first place.

One girl said she was too busy this week to meet for coffee. Really?? That turned me off. So if she actually hits me up next week I’ll meet up with her, but she’s already on my ‘don’t invest my time’ list. Whoever makes the cut will be someone who doesn’t make excuses and makes the time. And definitely doesn’t bore me or rub me the wrong way. I’m picky even with BFF’s. But really though, you have to be selective of who you allow in your circle.

Wow, this post was not meant to be this lengthy. But then again, a lot happened these past few weeks so there ya go. I’m just glad this month is over so that I can look forward to a new month and Spring around the corner… and a new job on the horizon. Yasss please!

How was February for you?