Books I Read This Month

“How To Walk Away” by Katherine Center

Margaret Jacobsen has a bright future ahead of her: a fiancé she adores, her dream job, and the promise of a picture-perfect life just around the corner. Then, suddenly, on what should have been one of the happiest days of her life, everything she worked for is taken away in one tumultuous moment. 

In the hospital and forced to face the possibility that nothing will ever be the same again, Margaret must figure out how to move forward on her own terms while facing long-held family secrets, devastating heartbreak, and the idea that love might find her in the last place she would ever expect. 

How to Walk Away {Affiliate link} is Katherine Center at her very best: an utterly charming, hopeful, and romantic novel that will capture reader’s hearts with every page.


This book blew me away. The fact that the story took place in Austin (where I live) made it even better. Katherine’s writing style flows so easily and really tugs at your heartstrings. There were so many funny moments I would laugh out loud and even cracked up on this one part (involving a hams misquote). It was such an inspiring story to see this young woman tackle her obstacles. And of course she was human and had her moments where she would check out, but that’s part of being human.

Favorite quotes

“When you don’t know what to do for yourself, do something for somebody else”, because it’s so true. I’ve done this myself and it really helps you take the focus off of yourself and know that we each have something to give/offer to someone who needs us. So why not?

“The greater our capacity for sorrow becomes, the greater our capacity for joy”. Yes to this one too!

I highly recommend this book, it made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me empathize with Margaret so much because even though I haven’t been in a hospital bed, I can relate to a lot of her struggles, especially the heartbreak. Oh the heartbreak is all too familiar and we just gotta go through it. I just loved this story and you will too!!

“All We Ever Wanted” by Emily Giffin

Nina Browning is living the good life after marrying into Nashville’s elite. More recently, her husband made a fortune selling his tech business, and their adored son has been accepted to Princeton. Yet sometimes the middle-class small-town girl in Nina wonders if she’s strayed from the person she once was.

Tom Volpe is a single dad working multiple jobs while struggling to raise his headstrong daughter, Lyla. His road has been lonely, long, and hard, but he finally starts to relax after Lyla earns a scholarship to Windsor Academy, Nashville’s most prestigious private school.

Amid so much wealth and privilege, Lyla doesn’t always fit in—and her overprotective father doesn’t help—but in most ways, she’s a typical teenaged girl, happy and thriving.

Then, one photograph, snapped in a drunken moment at a party, changes everything. As the image spreads like wildfire, the Windsor community is instantly polarized, buzzing with controversy and assigning blame.

At the heart of the lies and scandal, Tom, Nina, and Lyla are forced together—all questioning their closest relationships, asking themselves who they really are, and searching for the courage to live a life of true meaning.


The moment I started reading this book, I got half way through in one sitting. I read it in 5 days! That’s a quick turn around for me. It’s amazing how Emily’s writing just flowed beautifully and kept me engaged. I literally felt like I was watching a movie. The dialogue was intriguing and spot on with everything that was happening. It’s refreshing to read one of Emily’s novels because it’s been a long time since I read her first novel, Something Borrowed {Affiliate link}. I have yet to read Something Blue, so I’m gonna have to read that next after I re-read Something Borrowed.

Favorite quote

“Because sometimes you just can’t see the things that are the closest to you”.

I think the story is very relevant with everything that’s been happening with the Me Too movement and social media scandals that we have all seen play out. Emily has a way with words and it really makes you wonder who’s lying and who’s telling the truth. I liked all the characters in this book and I think she did a great job of making it all come together. I seriously wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes a movie. Overall, I really liked it and I think you should pick this one up.

What books did you read this month?