Blogger, Interrupted

The past few weeks have been beyond chaotic, which I’m not even sure if that’s the right word to describe it, but it will do. I went to Mobile, Alabama and it was an interesting trip, but when I got back, I didn’t have a job anymore. The company I was just hired on with was not a good fit for me and I’m glad I found out sooner than later. So I’m back to the job hunting grind and I have a company in mind that I think it’s a better fit and a better industry that’s right up my alley. To get by, I started doing Uber on top of already doing Lyft and it has helped a great deal.

I wasn’t ready to blog about losing my job because I was hurt, super embarrassed and in complete shock. One week I was flying out with high hopes for my career and then the following week, it was good bye. After all, I feel like I dodged a bullet because if things were this way now, they were most likely going to get worse in the future.

I’ve also been holding back a lot of what I want to share from my heart for the sake of pleasing people, but I’m done with that. You can’t please everyone and how can I be true to myself if I am walking on eggshells for the sake of people’s opinions. That is not what I’m about and I’m breaking away from that and keep doing things how I used to.

I have to move… again. Living with people I barely know has not worked out so well. I’m not even sure where my address will be in the next few days, but for now I’m moving in with my BFF Roman. I’ll be living with him temporarily until I can find a place. I have one in mind and I’m in the process of applying, but it takes time. When I move to Roman’s, I can’t bring my dog with me so I’m gonna have to see if someone can watch him for me until I get to move to a more permanent place. My mom thinks I should give him up, but I’m not ready to do that. He’s my baby and I can’t give him up. Look at that face…

He’s in need of a grooming, poor thing can barely see. Trust me, I even tried trimming his face but he kept moving and I was too scared to end up hurting him. I’ll let the pros handle it.

Just when I think I can breathe again, life just throws lemons my way and I’m back to square one. Has anyone felt like that? I know I need to be patient and eventually things will sort themselves out. I feel like my purpose is still unfolding and trying to find my way doing the best I can is all I can do. By no means am I moving back to Dallas with my tail between my legs. I’m going to make Austin work out one way or another.

For now, this blogger is interrupted from her regular routine. I ask that y’all bear with me and when I’m able to come back full throttle it will be worth the wait. Trust.