Surround Yourself With Beauty

Last minute I decided to go to Dallas over the weekend. I got back the other day and I’m glad I went to see my family. My mom recently went to Puerto Rico and she brought back lots of goodies, especially the Puerto Rican coffee (Yaucono brand) I requested. It felt like Christmas since she got me a few owl themed items and some dresses. To my surprise, I got a check in the mail from AT&T from a settlement and I happily deposited that into my account. I don’t even use them anymore, so it was quite unexpected.

My mom and I binged Orange Is The New Black. I hadn’t felt inspired to binge since it was released last month so it was nice to watch it with her. I also started watching House of Flowers and I find it hilarious. She, however, didn’t even laugh at all while I was over here cracking up. If you watch it in Spanish, I warn you, one of the actresses speaks extremely s-l-o-w. It’s really annoying, but I kept making fun of her and THAT made my mom laugh.

I’ve been reading Circe and it’s already overdue from the library, but I refuse to return it before finishing it. So I will gladly pay the late fee. I would have finished it if I hadn’t made the trip to Dallas, but the trip was worth it. Once I got back, I also went to a meeting with writers hosted by the library and I met some cool people. One of them published his own book and it was amazing fumbling through the pages. I hope to one day have something in my hands that I can show people. It was really inspiring to see that and definitely motivated me.

Now that fall is here, I can feel good about going to Bath & Body Works and getting some fall scented candles. Blame it also on the coupons I got in the mail giving me the nudge. Candles, especially fall scents, make my heart happy. Also, getting free bedding makes me over the moon happy. One of my orders from Sears never came and I got a refund and my reward points back so I used it all to get this 12 piece bedding set.

Excuse my pup Monroe photobombing. The color scheme is exactly what I have been wanting; gray and blush pink. Now when I get home, my bed is neat, full of plush pillows so that I can relax.

So yeah, friends, that’s what I have been doing so far during my vacation. Surrounding myself with beautiful things like my family, reading a good book, meeting new and inspiring people, getting my apartment nice and cozy for when I come home from a long day – looking and smelling so damn good. Oh yeah and sipping on my delicious Puerto Rican coffee.

How do YOU surround yourself with beauty?