What Made Me Smile From Ear to Ear This Week


This week was completely out of left field, in a good way. And it wasn’t because I got a haircut, cleaned out my closet, or went to Starbucks every day. All of those things would be awesome if they had actually happened, but if they did, they wouldn’t come close to the joy I’ve experienced. This also took me by surprise because I didn’t know this even existed.

As I mentioned last Friday, I discovered Anchor app because of my friend Saha. This may sound cheezy as hell, but y’all, it has made me laugh, smiled and moved me in ways that no other social media platform has done. Also, I am organically engaging with individuals and really, I mean, really listening to what’s going on in their lives. It seriously feels like the way blogging used to be where you know little details about each blogger and you connect on so many levels. I miss that.

Anchor to me is like blogging on audio. Where if you comment on a blog, you can comment on someone’s broadcast and answer their question they asked in a segment by calling into their station. People are so raw with what they share and I find myself doing the same. Even one of my readers let me know that she loved listening to me because it felt more personal. It IS personal and then some.

What I found as well is how supportive and amazing this Anchor fam is. Each time I listen to their voices, it’s just like talking to a friend. When we engage with each other is like getting a hug and a high five over and over and over. Instagram used to be that way for me when I first got on it back in 2010 (before it became popular). But I like to think that Anchor is going to thrive and be the next hot thing in social media. Mark my words or my blog.

I’m just beyond thankful I found it within the first months of it launching. There are some improvements that can be made within the app I hope they finesse and make it better with each passing day.

This app is for anyone and everyone who wants to get things off their chest, engage with others, jam out to music and listen to music you haven’t heard of or haven’t heard in a long time. It’s whatever you want it to be, just be you and the Anchor fam will be there to pat you on the back. Or applaud at what you say and may even repost your segment on their station (which is the equivalent of a retweet).

So trust me, being on this app will be the best thing that’s happened to you online, since sliced bread. I’ve even found myself not really using Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat because I am hooked to this incredible community. Anchor doesn’t have to pay me for this post, I just love it THAT much and thought I’d share.

Be sure to add me on Anchor if you decide to take a chance and be wild for a second. Life is short, who cares. Just do it as Nike says and I hope to see y’all there so we can interact and actually hear each other!

I’m sure this is not going to be the last time you’ll hear me talking and raving about Anchor so join the party. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below.

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