A Year Ago Today

It’s crazy to think that exactly a year ago today I moved into my own place. Living in Austin has been a dream, yet, trust me when I say some days the dream felt more like a nightmare. I’m not only happy that I made it one year living by myself, but I’m still living in my new apartment with a lot more furniture than when I first moved in. Progress right? So blessed for that.

There’s a few more furniture pieces needed, but it will have to wait for now. The latest addition that I do like are my new plants. Some of them are borderline dying because I may have over-watered them, but some are thriving and it’s exciting to see new leaves grow. When I got back from California last month, one of them completely keeled over and was really sad. I guess she missed me. I named her Heidi. Once I watered her, she perked up within the hour. I was in shock.

Monroe loves my place too. He’s always friendly with every dog and neighbor he spots and goes over to say hi. Anywho, I’m just so thankful to have my own place I call home. Austin still is a big place in my heart even though it’s a much smaller city but I like it that way.

I’m so looking forward to the summer and have more get togethers at my place as my circle of friends blooms. Also, once I finish furnishing my place I’ll do a reveal post. It will be a few months for now, but totally worth the wait.

What are you looking forward to this summer?