2017 Was Phenomenal

It’s a bit strange coming back to this blog of mine after the whirlwind of the holidays. There were times that I seriously contemplated not blogging at all and even taking down my blog. But that was for a brief moment and I knew in the long run I would regret ghosting this space without warning. Truth is, I am not sure what to blog about and at the same time, I want to blog about everything under the sun. So there’s my dilemma. I need to find a happy medium. A balance where I can still feel like I can be myself and write authentically while hoping to connect with you guys on a deeper level.

In a way I feel like I’m going to have to rediscover who I am and where I stand with my writing. Who am I as a blogger? How can I make this space exciting to come back to? Blogging is really weird because I’m happy to shut it all off and not even write a single word and there are times where the words pour out of me and I’m hooked again. I just want to be in the in between stage.

BTW, it has been so cold in Austin (and Dallas) that I wish I would have brought back my leopard electric blanket.

Now I want to reflect back on 2017…

The beginning was so rough and I lacked motivation even though I had written down my goals. Once challenges came my way though, I rolled with it and didn’t resist. Looking back I’m thankful for those challenges because they helped me to grow as a person. The opportunities came in and some came out of nowhere and right on time.

Starting with my big move to Austin

I was scared out of my mind when I moved here. Having my best friend Roman though to help me get my feet wet was very helpful. I like to think I’m pretty independent, but the last year and a half really shook my confidence and I felt like I was starting over. Which I pretty much was and it was all happening in a new city.

Finding love

I shared this with Ryan the other day. A lot of my girlfriends who move away from home, end up finding a new relationship or the guy they’re married to now. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that would happen to me, especially a month after living in a new city. But I found love and even though it may have many challenges, it’s so worth it. I love how he tells me he loves me every day and sometimes several times a day. We’re two peas in a pod. His weakness is my strength and vice versa.

Losses that tested me

A month before I moved to Austin, I ended a six month relationship. Even though I tried, somehow I knew that we just weren’t compatible. I finally faced the music and let go of him even though it wasn’t easy. Now looking back, I’m glad I did because I know I wasn’t the one for him and vice versa.

My family lost a dear family member and it was unexpected. I had just seen him on Thanksgiving and I’m grateful that we shared some time together. I remember watching the Cowboys game and making him laugh at my silly comments I’d make. {I miss you Uncle Ken.} This great loss showed me that family needs to stick together and really cherish the times we have because you never know.

Losing my car during my birthday week absolutely sucked. Thankfully, I lived close to work but having to walk (even though I could take a scenic walk through the park by Townlake), catch Lyft rides and ask my coworkers to give me a ride home – let’s just say my patience was tested. I was miserable and it was so inconvenient. I couldn’t even do Lyft, which is my side hustle and that was really tough. But thankfully, my mom came through and helped me get the car I have now and it’s way cheaper so I can manage the payments better. I can still do Lyft and all is well in Bella’s world.

Found a stable place to live

I can happily say that I live in a house again {in Round Rock}. I hated living in apartments just because people always partied, smoked out in the hallway, were dealing with domestic abuse, it was a bit much. Round Rock reminds me a lot of Plano, where I lived for ten years. I’m in a two story house with hardwood floors, big screen TV in the living room, a fridge that has an ice maker! {my last living situation they didn’t have an ice maker}, my dog gets along with my landlord’s dog (also roomie) and a new roomie is moving in on Saturday. The old roomie who I took over their room left me a nice big TV and a dresser, which I needed badly because my things are still in storage back in Dallas.

So many good things took place the second half of 2017 that I felt like it made up for the year starting out not so good. Other things happened like getting a cool job in downtown Austin and then leaving that job for other opportunities. Overall, I’d say that 2017 was phenomenal.

How was 2017 for you guys?